About Us

Creamy Delicious Ice Cream Concepts
delivered right @ Your Doorstep !!

Our Story

We are a bunch of creative people who belong to entirely different worlds. But there is one thing common to us and that is the age of our kids
Ok on a serious note, all of us (including the kids) have been die hard ice cream fans ! So we would meet up every day and have great fun with the kids and do crazy experiments with ice creams. And then one fine day it was all so evident ! We decided to bring back the ‘X’ that we knew the ice cream world had Always Missed !
We are a big family now. We eat, watch movies, shop, argue, even take our children out together, you name it and we do it together. But we still have completely different lines of thoughts and just about nothing matches between us. So we actually turned this into our strength by conceptualizing amazingly unique flavors that we offer.

The Concept

iXcream – the only online ice cream spree. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
Today when everything is online, why shouldn’t the ice creams? iXcream.com brings to you the first online ice cream parlour in India. We give you the best in taste and quality of ice cream options at your doorstep.
No burning fuel, no long queues, no parking hassles, yet you can soothe your cravings for an awesome and delicious dessert from the comfort of your home.
So the next time you feel like having a delicious dessert after a sumptuous meal, just order online or call us at 7674-875-875